Inspired by their upbringing in Brooklyn, New York, twin sisters Laken and Carlissa King sought to create dolls that spark creativity and celebrate togetherness. With rich storytelling that's aspirational and engaging, each Worldgirls doll embodies a specific archetypal trait—Warrior, Healer, Explorer, Rebel, and Scholar—so that children can identify with the dolls' unique passions rather than their looks. More than just dolls, Worldgirls is the ultimate team representing girls from different countries and backgrounds who come together to learn, break down barriers, and have fun while doing it!



Inquisitive, curious, and fearless, EXPLORERS are always on the quest for adventure. This trait seeks to confidently uncover the unusual or unknown.


Bold, confident, and inventive, REBELS are always ready to face any challenge with creativity and courage. These trailblazers seek to shake things up.


Thoughtful, studious, and ambitious, SCHOLARS are always driven by the desire to learn—everything! This trait seeks knowledge at every opportunity, especially if books are involved!


Brave, loyal, and honest, WARRIORS are always ready to lovingly fight for what they believe in. This trait seeks to help and defend others no matter what.


Sensitive, nurturing, and compassionate, HEALERS are always ready to offer help and guidance. This trait seeks to help, inspire, and guide others.

Message from Laken & Carlissa

As tall, black, identical-twin, tennis-playing Brooklyn girls with friends from all walks of life, our story was colorful from the start. Being exposed to so many people, cultures, and experiences made us who we are: open-minded, aware, creative, driven. Above all, it sparked our desire of providing a space where people, no matter their background, could learn from and celebrate diversity in all its forms.

In high school, we had our eureka moment. We were looking through a stack of fashion magazines in our school library and realized the images represented one type of girl. We were disappointed, but not surprised, by the lack of representation of girls like us, and so many others. We felt if everyone had the opportunity to learn about and appreciate different people, cultures, and perspectives, then the images perpetuated by those magazines and other industries would reflect that. But we knew creating another magazine wasn’t the right solution for us. We believed in early education and innovation, and most important, we believed in children. A few days later, it came to us. Dolls. And so it was . . . Worldgirls was born.

We dedicate Worldgirls to the girls and women who have shown us and will continue to show us what a girl-powered future looks like: truly epic. These dolls and their stories come from the very depths of our souls. Worldgirls is who we are and who we want to be. We have loads more to learn and much more growing to do, and we are fortunate to have this space to do just that with you. Our great hope is for you to feel that love, soul, and energy from each doll. We are Warriors, Healers, Explorers, Rebels, and Scholars. Powerful beyond measure.