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She's inquisitive, curious, and fearless—just like you! Join Pemberly and her new class of Explorers at Worldgirls Hall. Shop Dolls

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A true trailblazer, Maud is confident, bold, and inventive—just like you! Join Maud and her new class of Rebels at Worldgirls Hall. Shop Dolls

It’s Time.

Zari is thoughtful, studious, and ambitious—just like you! Join Zari and her new class of Scholars at Worldgirls Hall. Shop Dolls

Worldgirls is the ultimate team connecting imaginative girls around the globe. With rich storytelling that's aspirational and engaging, each Worldgirls doll embodies a specific archetypal trait—Warrior, Healer, Explorer, Rebel, and Scholar—so that children can identify with the dolls’ unique passions rather than their looks.


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Welcome to Worldgirls Hall...

Admissions are now open at the oldest school in the world. Except, no one knows it exists! For three perfectly unordinary girls, everything is about to change.

Discover the adventures of Pemberly, Maud, and Zari as they make their exciting journey to Worldgirls Hall.

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