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Meet Maud - REBEL - Stockholm, Sweden

Maud Croak wants something big to happen on her birthday, but will she be ready for what comes next?...

A true trailblazer—bold, confident, and inventive, Maud is a Rebel at heart, always ready to face any challenge with creativity and courage.

Join Maud to uncover the wonder of Worldgirls Hall!

Product Details

Maud has straight red hair with bangs, deep blue eyes and freckles.

The 18-inch Maud Worldgirls doll has a soft cloth body and moveable smooth vinyl limbs. She's outfitted in an orange REBEL trait ceremony sweater with gold-embroidered Worldgirls Hall crest, white sleeveless tee with an eye-catching art deco print, blue velvet cropped jumper with patent leather pocket pouch, light blue, lemon-print canvas slip-on shoes, and pink socks.


  • 2 embroidered self-adhesive REBEL lightning bolt icon trait patches with backer card
  • Maud Worldgirls Hall 28-page 5x7 mini book