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Meet Izel - WARRIOR - Cuzco, Peru

Izel León uncovers a family secret...

Brave, loyal, and honest, Izel is a Warrior at heart, always ready to help and defend others no matter what.

Join Izel to uncover the wonder of Worldgirls Hall!

Product Details

Izel has brown hair and brown eyes with a diamond-shaped birthmark (hemangioma) over her eye.

The 18-inch Izel Worldgirls doll has a soft cloth body and moveable smooth vinyl limbs. She's outfitted in a purple WARRIOR trait ceremony sweater, a tartan and houndstooth multicolored dress, black dress shoes, and green beret.


  • 2 embroidered self-adhesive WARRIOR diamond icon trait patches with backer card.
  • Izel Worldgirls Hall 32-page 5x7 mini book.